What are Binance’s quarterly future contracts?

The market for crypto currencies is growing, and with it the opportunities to invest in cryptoactives. More complex financial products are being created to meet the needs of each trader at all times. And among these products, Binance’s Bitcoin future contracts stand out thanks to their versatility. That’s why today we’ll explain what Binance quarterly futures contracts are, and the advantages they offer to traders.

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The boom in future contracts
An asset can hardly be considered mature if it does not have a vibrant futures market. For it is these financial instruments that allow both short and long investment in an asset.

For futures contracts are nothing more than a commitment between two parties to buy and sell an asset on a given date and at a given price. Therefore, if the price reached by the asset at the time of maturity of the contract is higher than that set in the contract, the party buying would make a profit. If it is lower, the profit will go to the party that sells.

In the financial markets, this allows investors to bet on the fall in the price of a product. This makes these contracts a very desirable instrument for traders. Who in many cases prefer to trade them rather than the assets directly on an exchange.

In the case of the crypto market, at present the most sought-after futures contracts are those offered by Binance Futures. So, not only do they allow trading with all the facilities of the exchange platform. They also offer products such as quarterly futures contracts, with several advantages for traders of derivative products.

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The advantages of Binance
Thus, Binance’s quarterly future contracts offer advantages that differentiate them from the competition. They work as future contracts on Bitcoin with expiration every three months and execution in Bitcoin. This means that, unlike other Bitcoin futures contracts, at the end of the contract period investors will receive BTC and not dollars for their investment.

However, this would not be the only competitive advantage of Binance’s quarterly futures contracts over the rest of the crypto derivatives. They also offer the lowest commissions in the market, and leverage of up to 125X. So, if the right investments are made, capital can be easily multiplied.

All this combined with the already well-known The News Spy exchange platform. This will allow transactions to be executed immediately and from multiple devices, with only 5 milliseconds of latency. So you can test your trading strategies with more varied quarterly futures contracts, from the ecosystem built by the exchange.